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TOBam Release?

Although TOBam was finished and complete two days ago, I haven't gotten around to releasing it. It still is available through Subversion at the project page. I'll get it up on this site eventually, once I figure out where to upload the 20 megabyte binary.

TOBam Phase #3

Multiple enemy unit types, different kinds of bullets, collision, scoring... All of these are elements that were put into the top-down shooter (TOBam) earlier today.

TOBam - Phase #2

More progress has been made with TOBam, the top down shooter based in Toronto. The players can now move around the screen, and enemies fly towards them.

I stayed the night at TOJam, sleeping on a cough upstairs. It actually was pretty comfortable, considering it gave me a good 4 hours of sleep before I returned to putting in the enemies class.

TOJam Entry "TOBam"

The main menu has been implemented and it looks pretty good. I used some very nice articles posted on the XNA Creators Club website. Now that I have the base game state system of the game down, I can move onto gameplay.

TOJam Has Begun!

The Toronto Indie Game Jam has just begun. We're given two and a half days to create a video game. I'll be attempting a top-down forward scrolling shooting game using XNA. I will also be posting a status update every stepping stone.

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