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Drupal NonZero Theme now 5.x

The Drupal NonZero theme has a very pretty simplistic fluid red design and I thought I'd take the challenge of porting it to Drupal 5.x. I fixed up the port, added a few more functionality features, checked it into the repository and then made the release. Enjoy!

XNA 1.0 Refresh and PongXNA 2.0 RC1

Microsoft has come out with XNA 1.0 Refresh. This release now officially supports Microsoft Vista and comes with a number of new things. Although I'm having the connection problem they talked about when attempting to deploy to the Xbox 360, I'm happy that they now official support Microsoft Vista. Download it!


I was checking out the Monologues when I saw that Miguel posted a screenshot of PongXNA, running under Mono.Xna.

Game Development Contest

TOJam is an annual game development contest where contestants have to create a video game in three days. If you're interested in game development and live near Toronto, I strongly suggest you register.

Ideal Railings Website Live

After about a month of communication and work, the new website for Ideal Railings is now live. Big thank you goes to the wonderful Arden Church, who got me in contact with the client.

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