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XNA 1.0

Microsoft Game Studio Express 1.0 is finally out, and it doesn't work with Microsoft Vista. I'm kind of sad, but most definitely plan on getting the Creator's Club certificate, and I'm assuming that'll work with Vista. It seems like I'll be stuck adding the XNA references manually until the project templates with Visual Studio 2005 Professional.

Deployment to the 360

I just watched the second part of looking at XNA and am speechless. Deploying, running, and debugging an XNA game straight from Visual Studio, on an Xbox 360.... Wow.... I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on that Creator's Club certificate.

Xbox 360

I picked up Gears of War yesterday to try out on the new Xbox 360 that's in my house and have to say it's pretty intense.  The 360 is an amazing piece of equipment, allowing you to stream all of your media (movies, music, photos) to the TV, as well as hook up into Windows Media Center.  One of the most impressive things I saw on it, though, was the Xbox Live functionality.  The marketplace has a large amount of content, and I hope to one day be able to try out one of my XNA appications on it.

Answer Me This

I always wanted to get user input on not only the site, but also on what people would like to see from me next.  This is why I started up this poll.  I will provide a new question every two weeks, and post the results, commenting on what my thoughts are.  This new question is in regards to what my next gaming project should use.  BooGame is a 2D game development framework that I put together a while ago that works in Windows, Linux or Mac using OpenGL for rendering. 

Windows Vista

I've installed Windows Vista and like it a lot so far.  All of my projects seem to work on it, as well as some of the OpenGL Tao applications I have going.  Be sure to see some screenshots of it in some future projects.

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