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OdeDotNet Out

The first release of OdeDotNet is out. OdeDotNet is the object oriented layer ontop of Tao.Ode for using ODE from .NET applications.

SDL.NET 4.0.3-1

SDL.NET 4.0.3-1 is out. SDL.NET is an object oriented layer ontop of SDL for the .NET Framework.

Happy Birthday to Me!

That's right, it's my birthday. Hopefuly now I'll have some time to make some updates on these projects.

ScreenCap Update

That's right, yet another ScreenCap update. Version 1.3 comes with some major bug fixes, modified defaults and a cleaner installer/uninstaller.

ScreenCap 1.2 - Thumbnails

Version 1.2 of ScreenCap includes automated thumbnail generation of screen captures.

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