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BooGame SimpleExample on Linux

A while ago, I was in search of a cross-platform game development environment that was easy to use, used .NET or Mono, targetted explicitly 2D games, and was open source. Although there were solutions like SDL.NET, I need something that was hardware accelerated and more targetted towards game development. I couldn't find an alternative so I began work on BooGame, which used OpenGL to render 2D graphics. Development sadly halted on the project as interest with Microsoft's new XNA game development platform grew.

Just recently, I decided to try the .NET 2.0 branch of the library out on my Linux box and low and behold, it worked. Fabulously, in fact. I'm quite suprised. Where do we go with this? I really don't know. I could continue the project, or use it in my next game project, I really don't know. It's just interesting to run code you wrote on multiple platforms.

Microsoft Energize IT

Jim McGinley from TOJam contacted me a while ago, asking if I'd like to present TOBam at the Microsoft Energize IT conference in Toronto. Well, it went really really well. There were about four teams who presented their XNA-related TOJam entries and we got to talk closely with some people in the games industry, some people from the XNA team, and some people from Microsoft. It was a great opportunity and I would like to thank Jim McGinley and Mark Zielinski for all the work they put into both TOJam and Microsoft Energize IT's GameCamp. Make sure to check out the pictures!

Drupal Module Learnings

I've just put out the first official release of the reCAPTCHA Drupal Module, which lets you use reCAPTCHA to use an awesome captcha system and protect email addresses.  Although it's a pretty simplistic module, I learned a lot in the process of making it.

TOBam Posted

I got a short and sweet e-mail from Jim McGinley informing me that TOBam was posted on the TOJam website. He did a great job putting the page together, making sure the video was there, the groovy screenshots. He even wrote a nice note about the game:

"Did you see all those planes? That's NUTS! While it starts seemingly like Capcom's 1943, the sheer number of planes makes this a different beast altogether. I love playing this game on hard. When level 3 hits - you're DEAD. Perhaps the most thrilling game created at the jam. The movement of your plane is subtle and classy, and Toronto makes the perfect scrolling background."

First Contributed Drupal Module

reCAPTCHA is a powerful Captcha system that validates human interaction via a remote server. It's really good for making sure you don't get horrid amounts of spam on your site. The sad thing, however, is that there was no way to use it with Drupal. I read about it on Ben Maurer's blog and instantly began writing the reCAPTCHA Drupal Module.

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