OpenSocial Introduction

OpenSocial is a new API to build a bridge between many different social networks. This means it will help integrate different websites including Facebook, Hi5, LinkedIn and much more. This is really exciting and I'm really looking forward to helping out with the Drupal integration.

Watch the intoduction video.

SWFUpload New Website

The SWFUpload project gives a way to upload multiple files to a website all at once. You select the files you want to upload, and then it uploads them. What makes this unique is that it uses a combination of Javascript and Flash to make it really accessible with HTML and CSS.

Drupal Introduction Video

Angie Byron (webchick) gave a great talk at the last Google TechTalk that gave an amazing summary of Drupal and how it works. If you're interested in web development and you're considering what platform to use, you should give this video a watch. Well done, Angie!

PasteBin Using Drupal: DrupalBin

I always use PasteBin when I want to quickly send someone some quick code. Well, recently, soxofaan helped out with the GeSHi Filter Drupal module for syntax highlighting. I thought it was so well done that I would attempt to recreate PasteBin, using Drupal. The result is DrupalBin.

It includes almost all the features of PasteBin, and some features PasteBin doesn't have:

Drupal Captcha Tutorial

I thought I'd try my hand at a video tutorial about using Captcha with Drupal.

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