Export Data to CSV

For the past two client projects I worked on, both requested the ability to export their data to comma separated value files (CSV), so that they could view the data in Microsoft Excel. Although it's a very simple thing to do (read in data from the database and spit it out, separated by commas), I wanted something that would make it easier to export next time a client requests it.

Captcha for Drupal

The Captcha module for Drupal version 3.0 RC1 has been released. It's a complete redesign and I'm happy with how it worked out. Big thanks goto soxofaan, Heine and wundo for helping putting this all together. I updated reCAPTCHA to use the new Captcha 3.0 API, and hopefully it will be much more stable now.

Mobile Websites with Drupal

A while ago, I registered two new domains just for fun: and They were initially put up as redirects to the main site, but then I got an idea of making a mobile version of I wanted it to display the same information, using the same database, have the same code base, but provide a different look to have it viewable on small screens for mobile phones and devices.

Second Contributed Drupal Module

ohloh profile for Rob LoachSince I liked the way Ohloh was designed, and wanted to increase my experience in creating Drupal modules, I thought I'd put together the Ohloh Module for Drupal. It's a small module that allows you to display your Ohloh widget inside your Drupal user profile. See it in action!

Open Source Social Networking

Although I heard about it about a half year ago, I only just recently checked out Ohloh is an open source directory that anyone can edit. It downloads information about open source projects from their source control and tracks its progress. Very smart system and I'm quite impressed with it. It gives you a big graph of where you have contributed code, and allows you to see what other people have been working on. I've added a number of projects that I've worked on in the past, including SDL.NET and The Tao Framework, and it spat out this:

ohloh profile for Rob Loach.

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