Good and Bad News

The bad news is that I unfortunately didn't make it to the second day of Drupal Camp Toronto, so I can't post part 2 of my Drupal Camp notes. The good news, however, is that I talked with the people at TOJam and they're giving us until the 21st to prepare our game for final release. This means that I can put in some things that many people have requrested as well as some gameplay balancing.

One thing that I noticed when presenting TOBam was that we didn't have enough Xbox 360 controllers to play a multiplayer game, so keyboard support is something I'll add before the release. Another thing that was obviously missing was end bosses.

When people got to the end of the level, they got confused when all of a sudden the screen said "Level 2", and the screen changed. Adding end bosses for each level would keep them interested between levels, letting them know they're progressing through the game.

There are some gameplay balancing elements that need to be fixed as well. The "goat bullets" that are fired from some of the enemies in level 2 kill you in one hit. Although goat bullets should kill someone in one hit, I think it's a bit too much. There are some small things that this that also need to be fixed.

Expect the release of TOBam on the 21st! Although I don't like "fixing" this game before release when we only given three days to create it, these are missing elements and should be in there before the final release. The TOJam people also encouraged us to touch up our games before then.