TOBam Posted

I got a short and sweet e-mail from Jim McGinley informing me that TOBam was posted on the TOJam website. He did a great job putting the page together, making sure the video was there, the groovy screenshots. He even wrote a nice note about the game:

"Did you see all those planes? That's NUTS! While it starts seemingly like Capcom's 1943, the sheer number of planes makes this a different beast altogether. I love playing this game on hard. When level 3 hits - you're DEAD. Perhaps the most thrilling game created at the jam. The movement of your plane is subtle and classy, and Toronto makes the perfect scrolling background."

I'm really happy I was a part of TOJam and definately will do it again next year.

In addition to that, I believe I'm now allowed to announce that TOBam has been released. Although I put it up a while ago, they asked us not to talk about it until it was posted on the TOJam website. I've put up the Windows binaries, the Xbox 360 binaries, as well as the source. So go ahead: download it, watch it, play it, squeeze it, upgrade it.... Technologic.