PasteBin Using Drupal: DrupalBin

I always use PasteBin when I want to quickly send someone some quick code. Well, recently, soxofaan helped out with the GeSHi Filter Drupal module for syntax highlighting. I thought it was so well done that I would attempt to recreate PasteBin, using Drupal. The result is DrupalBin.

It includes almost all the features of PasteBin, and some features PasteBin doesn't have:

  1. OpenID Logins - If you login using OpenID, you'll be able to track and edit your own posts.
  2. RSS Feed of Recent Posts - If you really want to get an RSS feed of when people post code, you have it.
  3. Drupal Highlighting - Although it's still being worked on, DrupalBin comes with Drupal-specific code highlighting. This means that you can click on a Drupal function, and be taken to its documentation.
  4. Spam Control - Using the popular reCAPTCHA spam control, it keeps the spam bots at bay
  5. Modify Code - By clicking on the "Clone" button when viewing code, you can modify existing code, submitting new versions of existing code
  6. .... And more.

If you have any additional ideas on how it could improve, please let me know! Try it out!