SWFUpload New Website

The SWFUpload project gives a way to upload multiple files to a website all at once. You select the files you want to upload, and then it uploads them. What makes this unique is that it uses a combination of Javascript and Flash to make it really accessible with HTML and CSS.

The website they were using was really old, and the team members didn't have time to maintain it. I asked if they needed something new, and Jake Roberts responded saying it would be a good idea. I then worked closely with Jake to put together SWFUpload.org. It features a number of improvements, including Wiki-like documentation, project management, public Subversion repository, and a slick new forum. The new site will really help with collaboration on the project as well as community building. It was put together using Drupal and I am really looking forward to seeing it used by the SWFUpload community extensively.