Drupal 6? What about Drupal 7?

Drupal 6 was released last week and everyone has been talking about how much greater it is than the previous release.  I particularly like how powerful the new menu system is, the new caching and performance features, and all the new AJAXy goodness.  But what is coming up next year in Drupal 7? This is a list of issues on Drupal.org that I am looking forward to see in the next release...

Add hook_file()
This would allow for a very nice File API, allowing us to interact with files at a new level.
Handle File Uploads in Form API
Right now when you have a file field in Forms API, nothing is returned when you submit it. It would be nice if Forms API handled some of that.
Descriptions for Permissions
This would allow modules to description their permission sets in the administration section.
Data API
Providing a common interface for all data types within Drupal (Nodes, Users, Taxonomy, etc).
This would severely increase performance, allow more database abstraction, and get more PHP5 goodness into Drupal.
External JavaScript files for drupal_add_js()
Make it easy to reference external JavaScript files through drupal_add_js() and then cache them.
Custom CSS and JS for Blocks
Adding CSS and JS for blocks through hook_init() isn't very clean, so this will fix that.
Examples for form fields
Having an example for every form field would allow better usability for Drupal.
Hook Registry
Increase performance in Drupal even more.

With these additions, and the implementation of a web service platform in core, we'll have ourselves a slick Drupal 7 release. What are you looking forward to in Drupal 7?