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SUSE Studio: Recipe for the Drupal OS?

The SUSE Linux guys just launched a new service called SUSE Studio. With it, you can create an operating system running SUSE, and your own checklist of packages. If you watch the screencast, you see that he creates a Linux distribution that has PHP and MySQL running out of the box.

This seems like the perfect solution for creating a Drupal Operating System that's ready for both Drupal development and runtime right when you install it on your machine. All we'd have to do is have the Drupal packages ready!

BooGame SimpleExample on Linux

A while ago, I was in search of a cross-platform game development environment that was easy to use, used .NET or Mono, targetted explicitly 2D games, and was open source. Although there were solutions like SDL.NET, I need something that was hardware accelerated and more targetted towards game development. I couldn't find an alternative so I began work on BooGame, which used OpenGL to render 2D graphics. Development sadly halted on the project as interest with Microsoft's new XNA game development platform grew.

Just recently, I decided to try the .NET 2.0 branch of the library out on my Linux box and low and behold, it worked. Fabulously, in fact. I'm quite suprised. Where do we go with this? I really don't know. I could continue the project, or use it in my next game project, I really don't know. It's just interesting to run code you wrote on multiple platforms.

Linux Goodness

Chris and I headed over to this month's Drupal meet in Toronto, held at the Linux Cafe. We met a number of Drupal enthusiasts and talked about some of the new features in Drupal 5. Rob Milne showed off some amazing functionality using his new WebFM file manager for Drupal, Matt taught me a bit about Linux symbolic links so that I could correctly setup the multi-site system using Drupal, and I demonstrated some CCK and Views module theming mastery. Very productive night, and I look forward to the next one.

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