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SWFUpload New Website

The SWFUpload project gives a way to upload multiple files to a website all at once. You select the files you want to upload, and then it uploads them. What makes this unique is that it uses a combination of Javascript and Flash to make it really accessible with HTML and CSS.


I was checking out the Monologues when I saw that Miguel posted a screenshot of PongXNA, running under Mono.Xna.

Ideal Railings Website Live

After about a month of communication and work, the new website for Ideal Railings is now live. Big thank you goes to the wonderful Arden Church, who got me in contact with the client.

BrickBust Released

I've just released a BreakOut clone named BrickBust , which uses Microsoft's new XNA Framework.

Pong in XNA

I made a simple pong clone using C# and Microsoft's new XNA Technology: PongXNA.

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