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Update to Drupal 6

I've made a complete migration from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 with my website. You'll see a lot of changes on here and overall I think it's a fantastic change and will last a lot longer in the end.

The primary motivation for me to do this was that I didn't like how dependent it was on contributed modules. When the beta versions of Drupal 6 came out, I wanted to make the upgrade, but couldn't since I was using a hilarious amount of contributed modules. These contributed modules, of course, had not made the update to 6. Now I'm just using Drupal core, which will make it much easier to update to future versions of Drupal as contributions will always be behind.

The majority of the features in Drupal 6 are in the administration and its API, so you guys won't really see anything new by visiting this site. The things you will notice, however, are new looks for the articles and projects sections, the gallery now aggregates from Flickr, and the links page aggregates from Delicious. As more contributed modules get ported to Drupal 6, more and more things will appear. I'm really liking this release so far.

SWFUpload New Website

The SWFUpload project gives a way to upload multiple files to a website all at once. You select the files you want to upload, and then it uploads them. What makes this unique is that it uses a combination of Javascript and Flash to make it really accessible with HTML and CSS.

Ideal Railings Website Live

After about a month of communication and work, the new website for Ideal Railings is now live. Big thank you goes to the wonderful Arden Church, who got me in contact with the client.

Drupal 5.0 RC1

Considering I'm using Drupal for the backend of my site, I've been keeping up with all the latest modules, themes and news. Drupal 5.0 RC1 came out today, and I made the update. I love the multi-site system that Drupal has setup. When I update my site, about three other sites are also updated seamlessly. Well done, Drupal, keep up the great work!

Answer Me This

I always wanted to get user input on not only the site, but also on what people would like to see from me next.  This is why I started up this poll.  I will provide a new question every two weeks, and post the results, commenting on what my thoughts are.  This new question is in regards to what my next gaming project should use.  BooGame is a 2D game development framework that I put together a while ago that works in Windows, Linux or Mac using OpenGL for rendering. 

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