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Drupal Easter: Druplegg

Easter Eggs 2003-2008When Easter approaches, my family has a strange tradition of decorating Easter Eggs. Although it requires a lot of patience, you end up with brilliantly coloured, pretty, eggs. See these eggs for a good demonstration of what eggs we have painted in the past five years.

When Easter came by this year, our own Druplicon came to mind. So, I began spec'ing out how I could create a Druplicon out of a normal egg.

Waxing the EggsThe idea behind egg painting is that you wax over the parts of the egg that you want to leave the same colour, and then you dye it. So, if you wanted to have a red circle, with black background, you'd first dye the egg red, wax in a circle, and then dye it black. This would give you a black egg, with a big red circle in the middle.

DrupliconWith Druplicon, there are four different colours (including white). There's the light blue, the medium shade of blue, and then the dark blue. Getting all four different colours in there would require a lot of waxing, so I aimed for three.

I waxed in the white parts of the egg first (smile, eyes, nose and top), and then put the egg in light blue dye. This caused the egg to turn light blue all over, except for the white spots on the Druplicon. I then waxed in where I would want the light blue parts to appear on the egg (the spots around the top) and put the egg into a royal blue dye and took it out. The result was amazing and took about four hours in total. We had Druplicon in Easter Egg form: Druplegg.

Druplegg Completion

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