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Migrating from Locale to String Overrides

The issue with using the Locale module to translate single strings on your site for tweaking text is that it gives you a performance hit. When the Locale module is used for this, it can make a query to the database every time the locale() function is called through t().

Localization ExportThe solution to this is String Overrides, which stores these string replacements in the variables table, which is cached on every page load anyway. The problem with it was that it proved to be quite difficult to migrate from using the Locale method of string replacement to String Overrides. Well, it just got a whole bunch easier.

With version 1.5 of String Overrides, you have the ability to import *.po files. These *.po files can be generated by the Locale module's language. You can see a demonstration of exporting a *.po file from the Locale module in the image on the right.

String Overrides - ImportOnce you have the *.po file, you can visit the String Override settings at admin/settings/stringoverrides, click on Import, select the *.po file, and import the string replacements straight into String Overrides. You can see a screenshot of it on the right.

This functionality is only part of the Drupal 5 version at the moment, and will shortly be ported to Drupal 6 shortly.

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