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XNA 1.0 Refresh and PongXNA 2.0 RC1

Microsoft has come out with XNA 1.0 Refresh. This release now officially supports Microsoft Vista and comes with a number of new things. Although I'm having the connection problem they talked about when attempting to deploy to the Xbox 360, I'm happy that they now official support Microsoft Vista. Download it!

360 + XNA + Vista

Markus Ewald, aka Cygon, sent me a note saying that he got XNA Game Studio working properly on a Vista machine. I followed his five easy steps, and got it working on my laptop. After playing the XNA recreation of Spacewar for a bit, I decided it was time to get my XNA Creator's Club membership and test it on the Xbox 360.

Windows Vista

I've installed Windows Vista and like it a lot so far.  All of my projects seem to work on it, as well as some of the OpenGL Tao applications I have going.  Be sure to see some screenshots of it in some future projects.

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